The oldest and youngest Kardashians demonstrated how to stay cool no matter the weather

Credit: Source: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Right now, Los Angeles is in the midst of a serious heat wave. Any die-hard fans of Kylie Jenner‘s Snaps are already intimately familiar with this fact as this weekend the teen showed the thermometer in her car slowly rising to a sweltering 120 degrees. For all you Californians out there, the bad news is, try as you might, eventually you’re going to have to leave whatever air conditioned sanctuary you currently find yourselves in. But the good news is, when you finally do venture out into the brutal sun, take comfort in the fact that at least you won’t be as hot as Kylie and Kourtney Kardashian who stepped out into the 90-degree heat on Wednesday wearing their finest knitwear and velvet ensembles.

The oldest and youngest sisters of the Kardashian family had a little impromptu photo sesh yesterday, hanging out in their backyard, soaking up the sun, and posing in their summer best. Kourtney wore a purple velvet crop top with matching wide-leg trousers from Sergio Hudson’s F/W 2016 collection, which at least leaves a sliver of midriff exposed for a little air circulation. Kylie, on the other hand, opted to ignore the temperature completely, donning a white long-sleeve turtleneck, white jeans, and nude point-toe pumps. They say beauty is pain, but apparently, it’s also a whole lot of sweat.

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But Kylie knows sometimes if you want to keep cool, you’ve got to get creative. So when swapping out her turtleneck for a black silk cami wasn’t enough to lower her temperature, the teen went rogue, taking the chill factor into her own hands. Though she claims it was just an accident that she spilled her drink all over herself in a rather unfortunate location, you have to admit, it’s also a pretty ingenious way to beat the heat.

What do you think of Kourtney and Kylie’s heat wave looks? Would you wear them?

–Emily Kirkpatrick