November 14, 2016 04:00 AM

While Kristin Cavallari has become a successful shoe and jewelry designer, there was a point when she knew nothing about fashion — and we all witnessed it play out on Laguna Beach. “When I first was on Laguna Beach I didn’t know who designers were,” the star tells PeopleStyle for our “5 Questions video series (watch it above!). “I mean, I could care less about style.”

Now, of course, she has the most perfectly curated Instagram feed of #OOTD photos that inspire us to copy her style on the regular. But if you thought she had multiple closets stuffed to the brim with amazing pieces in her home, think again. “I’m like the opposite of a hoarder,” she says. “I’m constantly getting rid of stuff. If I haven’t worn this in five minutes — it’s out!”

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The only thing she is prepared to save is the extensive shoe collection she’s personally designed with Chinese Laundry. “I’m very happy I had a girl because I have an entire shoe collection that I can now give to her,” she says. “Because I have boxes and boxes and boxes of shoes downstairs in a storage room just because I’ve designed so many shoes over the years that if I didn’t have a girl I don’t know what I’d do with all of these shoes.”

To learn more about Cavallari, including her all-time favorite red carpet moment and how she manages to look stylish with three young kids to look after, watch the full video, above.

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