While the former star of The Hills admits that Botox is becoming increasingly popular in her social circles, she says she's trying to avoid the procedure at all costs
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Kristin Cavallari is in a bit of a predicament.

While the former star of The Hills admits that Botox is becoming increasingly popular in her social circles, she says she’s trying to avoid the procedure at all costs.

“All my friends are starting to get Botox and I’m kind of like, Ahhh. I want to do everything I can to not get it,” she tells People Style. The mom-of-three‘s current beauty regimen is actually quite boring (her words, not ours.)

“I’m so boring when it comes to this stuff – I have my go-to’s,” she says. “I always just use the same stuff. The ones that I love are Armani foundation, and Armani lashes to kill. I think the Young Living essential oils are awesome. Who doesn’t love lavender oil? It smells amazing, and it’s relaxing.”

Not only does Cavallari not hoard beauty products, but she routinely purges her closet in an attempt to keep things simple. Her go-to outfit, for example, privileges comfort over fashion.

“On a typical daily basis, I dress more for warmth or comfort than I do for style,” she says. “If I’m just taking my kids to school and going to the gym or whatever, I have leggings on, my gym shoes, maybe a beanie and a hat.”

Yet when it comes to dressing her daughter Saylor, who just turned one in November, anything goes. (Her two boys, Jaxon (2) and Camden (4), have officially stopped letting her dress them, which really bums her out.)

“They’re both so opinionated now and they get dressed themselves, they wont let me dress them anymore. It’s so sad. So Saylor’s my last one,” Cavallari shares. “It’s so fun. The bows, there’s just so much more you can do with girls. She has a little vest that I can layer on her, and tights, and all that stuff. I’m definitely having a good time.”

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While Cavallari admits that, due to her closet-purging tendencies, she doesn’t have any clothes still leftover from her Laguna days, she says that the oldest item in her closet is probably one very special piece of jewelry.

“I’m the opposite of a hoarder, so I’m constantly getting rid of stuff. So the oldest thing … Jay gave me, when we had been dating for about two months,” she says. “He gave me a little gold ring. And I still have that. And that was almost seven years ago.”

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