The comedian channelled Mia Farrow with her new super short haircut

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated November 16, 2016 10:02 AM

Ever since the days of Samson, a person’s power has been something inextricably linked to their hair. That explains why so many women often refer to their Cher-length locks as their “security blanket” (looking at you, Shay Mitchell) and blanch at the idea of chopping any of it off. But Kristen Wiig apparently has been feeling fearless lately, and proved she’s not afraid to majorly shake up her look by showing off a brand new bright blonde pixie cut during a teaser for her hosting gig on this upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

In a promo for the new episode, Wiig and the cast get together to put their spin on the viral Internet trend, the mannequin challenge. For those who have yet to be so blessed as to view any of these thousands of videos, the premise is simple enough: a camera careens through a crowd of people each frozen in the midst of performing some act. In this case, it’s the cast of SNL rehearsing their scenes for the coming weekend, but the comedians prove they’re about as good at staying still as that group of 4-year-olds who tried their hand at the challenge.

The video is also notable for debuting Wiig’s new look in which she ditches her typically shoulder-length blonde locks for something very Rosemary’s Baby. The Ghostbusters star’s new look appears to be inspired by Mia Farrow‘s famous close crop, with blonde highlights framing her face in a cut that ends right at her ears. Or perhaps, Wiig wanted to follow in another famous, hugely successful comedian’s footsteps and asked her hairstylist to give her “The Ellen.”

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