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By Alex Apatoff
Updated April 07, 2015 09:54 PM

Looks like Karl Lagerfeld is finding Kristen Stewart very a-muse-ing these days. After shooting her in fringe, frills and handbags, Lagerfeld has just tapped the star for his spring/summer eyewear campaign.

Credit: Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel

Courtesy Chanel

The face of Chanel since late 2013, Stewart has brought her signature smolder to a number of Chanel campaigns (and front rows). But for this latest photoshoot (directed, as always, by Lagerfeld himself), she goes behind the camera in black-and-white for a series of pensive, sunglasses-clad shots.

Kristen Stewart for Chanel

Courtesy Chanel

“Kristen Stewart gives a subtly rock yet always elegant touch to the new Chanel frames. Vintage camera in hand, she gazes at a scene known only to her,” the press release states, going on to detail the inspiration (aviators from the ’70s, plus pearl-and-jewel encrusted frames that draw from Coco Chanel’s favorite jewelry). And if Stewart looks like a natural, she’s told PEOPLE that she attributes it all to Lagerfeld himself. “He’s so good at seeing something that’s not cool and making it cool,” she said of the shoot for her Métiers d’Art campaign. “Like, I would have my leg in one position and he would throw a toothpick in my mouth and tell me to stop leaning on my leg and in two seconds it was like, ‘Oh, there it is.’ It was very cool and easy and artistic. I didn’t feel like I had to push outside of myself. I didn’t have to try to turn into someone else.”

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What do you think of her latest campaign? Do you love her as the face of Chanel?

–Alex Apatoff

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