Her stylist gives us the scoop on her textured half-updo
Credit: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty

We’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: Kristen Stewart was made to rock her edgy platinum bob. Ever since she joined the Hollywood Blonde Brigade, we can hardly remember a time that long, dark locks were her signature.

And she’s having just as much fun with it as it looks, rocking everything from a slicked-down pixie to the textured, “rope-like” look she wore to the New York Film Festival on Wednesday evening, and stylist Kylee Heath is spilling the details.

“We knew we wanted the hair up and back in some way,” Heath tells PeopleStyle of the inspiration behind the unique twisted look. “I love the look of small dreads, so I liked the idea of creating a texture inspired by them.”

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And if after one glance you’re getting more towel-dried vibes than locs-like looks, Heath says that’s the point.

“I would describe the texture as chunky, rope-like waves twisting back into a beautiful mess,” she tells PeopleStyle, laughing. “I just love that it’s up, without being in a ‘bun’ or ponytail.”

Here’s how Heath perfected the “dreads”: She first created about 10 miniature rope braids, twisting them into mini buns atop Stewart’s head and pinning them into place to set.

She then worked Iles Formula Serum into the buns from the top back of the head to the nape of the neck to give the hair a wet appearance. And for a chic finishing touch, Heath added in a rose gold bobby pin to one side of the look to hold a twist.

She then unknotted all of the buns, which revealed a “cool, almost dread-like texture,” she says. “I love the effect of a rope braid because it’s crimpy and not the basic wave you get from a standard braid. It’s just a mess of twists twisting together in a fluid, but not overthought, way.”

Because this is the shortest Stewart’s strands have ever been, Heath says although pulling all of the star’s hair into an updo is a bit of a challenge, she reveled in it.

“I really do love styling short hair. There’s something about the challenge, but also the fact that it’s easy to make a updo cool-looking,” says the pro. “Her hair is pretty short in the back at the moment, which can feel a little less versatile and a little limiting when it comes to updos, but I have fun with it.”

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