Kristen Bell's Daughters are Getting into Her Makeup (and More Things We Learned from the New Face of Fossil)

Kristen Bell knows the power of a stylish watch

Kristen Bell is accustomed to getting glammed up for red carpets, for her roles in movies and on TV, and for her jobs as the face of Neutrogena and now, Fossil smartwatches. And naturally, her daughters Delta, 2, and Lincoln, 4, love to emulate their mom by borrowing her makeup. “Mostly they’re just into lipstick right now. And 90 percent of the time they ask, which is great,” Bell tells PeopleStyle. “They’ll say ‘Can I put lipstick on?’ and I’m like ‘Sure.’ So I just have a bunch of smushed down lipsticks because they’re experimenting with colors,” Bell says.Looking for more style content? Click here to subscribe to the PeopleStyle Newsletter for amazing shopping discounts, can’t-live-without beauty products and more.

Kristen BellCredit: Fossil

She also uses the impromptu glam sessions to spark conversation with her girls. “We try to talk about the reasons [why] kids don’t wear lipsticks or don’t wear makeup,” Bell says. “It’s about understanding the concept that usually makeup for an old woman, like me, is to cover dark circles – but it’s also about fun expression. It’s a bigger issue than just wearing makeup. It’s understanding what other people culturally think makeup means when they see a young girl with makeup on.”

Her makeup collection isn’t the only thing Bell is letting her daughters get their hands on. The Frozen star revealed that she plans to save a few special red carpet pieces for her girls for when they’re old enough to appreciate them. But until then, she’s all about purging her closet of items she just doesn’t love that much anymore. “Lately I’ve been going through things and actually seeing if it sparks joy and, if not, giving it away,” she says. “So there probably will be a few items, no matter how expensive they were … to be honest if I’m not loving it, I want someone else to love it,” Bell says.

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Bell refers to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, written by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo, to help her identify which pieces merit a permanent place in her collection. “I read that book. That’s a really bizarrely accurate question to ask yourself when you’re wearing an item or looking at an item. Does this spark joy?” Bell says. “For me I take my closet or anything in my house in sections, otherwise things are too overwhelming. So just do your jeans and separate them into piles and go ‘Oh, I have nine pairs of boyfriend jeans, I could never wear nine pairs of boyfriend jeans—keep two or three.'”

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So you know something’s an essential if she has two of it – as she does the two styles of Fossil’s new, smaller smartwatch. As a working mom, Kristen Bell appreciates the convenience of a connected watch – but she isn’t here for the anxiety the constant pinging and vibrating typical ones can bring. So that’s why she was happy to endorse Fossil’s, which help her stay connected at work without extra noise.


“Normally I wear the Fossil Q Neely smartwatch that has a face of a regular watch, which is calming,” Bell told PeopleStyle. “[The watch] allows you to set notifications for just the people you want to hear from, which is incredibly helpful … I can just spend the day knowing if my family is trying to get in touch with me. I’m recording Frozen 2 right now so being in there while were still contextualizing some of these themes and working on the script from an emotional place, I can’t be checking my phone. I have to be emotionally present, not checking my phone so having it on my wrist is very helpful.”

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