November 01, 2017 04:30 PM

Kris Jenner and her famous family have dominated news cycles (including ours) for over a decade now. And while there are no signs of them slowing down any time soon — Jenner admitted she has no plans to retire in the future and the family recently renewed their Keeping Up with the Kardashians deal for a reported $150 million — she does realize that Kar-Jenner family pop culture oversaturation may become an issue. 

“We are kind of everywhere, so there is a possibility that there is an oversaturation,” the momager, 61, said when asked whether she fears backlash due to the pervasive prevalence of her family while speaking at a panel hosted by Tommy Hilfiger at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in N.Y.C. last week. 

Kris Jenner
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But, she added, she thinks that possibility is pretty remote: “So far, we’re 10 years in, and we’re doing okay,” she said.

Tommy Hilfiger and Kris Jenner at the WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit in N.Y.C.
Patrick MacLeod for WWD

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll get sick of myself,” she continued. “But I think that if you look at it from the glass half-full, which is the way I choose to go through life, and kind of ignore the haters — there’s a lot of bullying going on out there, and a lot of freedom on the Internet that I certainly wish wasn’t there all the time because you can get the trolls and that whole part of it certainly is annoying — but for the most part, we’re gung-ho everyday and try to make the most of what we have.” 

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So, what’s the keeping the fans really keeping up? Jenner has her guesses. 

“I think that part of the success of the family in general has been because we had a show, which we started 10 years ago now, and in the very beginning, people became emotionally invested and wrapped up into one or more people in the family,” she said. 

Kris Jenner/Twitter

“And we’ve been so real and authentic in what we show on our show,” she explained. “We don’t have scripts. We don’t have things that we come up with because we want to entertain somebody. We are actually doing a reality show about our lives. But I think what’s happened over the course of 10 years is when people watch us and they’ve seen us get married, get divorced, have babies, the kids are growing up on camera. So I think there is a certain familiarity that the kids, each one of them, has people that follow their every move and want to be a part of their lives.” 

Jenner also noted how important the birth and rise of social media has been on her family’s success. “We also have the ability to have a whole personal side on social media that was not even in existence years ago,” she said. 

“I keep track of my kids sometimes on social media,” Jenner joked. “I have to check TMZ every morning to see what’s going on, and then at night, I go to bed with Snapchat. It’s like, ‘What did they do tonight?’”

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