The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star does daughter Kylie Jenner's makeup in a new video uploaded to Kylie's YouTube channel on Monday


Kris Jenner has finally made an appearance on King Kylie's YouTube channel.

The momager, 64, attempts to do a "glamorous daytime" makeup look on daughter Kylie Jenner in a new video posted to the 23-year-old mogul's channel on Monday.

After introducing her "very special guest," Kylie admits she is "terrified" about the outcome and not-so-confident in her mom's makeup skills. "We’re bringing back the 80s," Kris reassures. "You just sit back and relax."

Kylie applied her skincare and Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation off camera, so Kris starts with step three in most people's makeup routine: concealer. But before she applies the shade "Birch" from Kylie Cosmetics, the youngest KarJenner sister calls her longtime makeup artist and friend Ariel Tejada to let him know that he has been replaced for the day.

Kris Jenner does Kylie Jenner's makeup
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Youtube

"Wait, Kris Jenner is doing your makeup?" he says. To which Kylie replies, "Yes, I’m terrified."

After buffing out the concealer, Kris swipes on a Kylie Cosmetics blush stick and applies cream bronzer all over. When Kylie questions her blending technique — and why Kris applies product to her chin — the reality star responds, "It’s the new you…don’t panic."

She also jokes that a true artist like Pablo Picasso would've swiftly dismissed Kylie's unsolicited advice and said, "Bye, honey! Get out of my studio!"

The next step (eyeshadow) proves to be a bit of a challenge for Kris, who starts out by dusting a large amount of the shade “Model Energy” from the Kylie Cosmetics Kendall Pressed Powder Palette all over the brow bone.

Kris Jenner does Kylie Jenner's makeup
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Youtube

Kris can’t help but laugh after realizing she applied way too much of the matte vanilla shade. Kylie, meanwhile, takes one look in the mirror and says, “What the f---!" The momager manages to save her eye look by using two brown-toned shadows from the Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Pressed Powder Palette to line the upper lash line and accentuate the crease.

Throughout the video, Kylie seems skeptical of her mom’s skills. But Kris is confident that she’s highlighting her daughter’s “cute eyes," "cute little brows" and "cute freckles."

Kris tops things off with a bright lipstick from Kylie's line called "Boss," explaining that she was inspired by her daughter's red Chanel sweatshirt.

“I want to go very dramatic,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star says. Struggling to get a precise application, Kris jokes, "It’s like Stormi is doing your lips."

Kris Jenner does Kylie Jenner's makeup
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Youtube

"Don’t look," she adds with a laugh. "Please don’t look. It’s not like you’re going to the Met [Gala]. You’re gonna be fine."

Kris steps back to evaluate her work before turning to the camera to say: "This is my look for Kylie Jenner and I’m calling it "glamorous daytime."

Kylie gave Kris positive feedback on her blush and eyeshadow application, but calls her eyebrows “silly" and says her mom's powdering skills could use some work. Still, the makeup mogul admits she is "pleasantly surprised" by her final look and says she would even go out in public wearing it if she "absolutely had to."