Kourtney Kardashian's Secret for Shiny Hair Is in Your Kitchen

The star reveals her DIY mask recipe

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According to Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian, extra-long, pin-straight hair is the look of the moment — either pulled back into a ponytail or simply hanging down your back. And while many stars have achieved the waist-length look thanks to a few sets of extensions, Kourtney’s “Cher hair” is all her own. The star shares her secret for keeping it healthy in a new video on her website.

Kardashian’s hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, was so intrigued by the health benefits of Kourtney’s signature avocado smoothies that he decided to make a hair mask version of her mixture.

“Andrew does my hair pretty much every day, and we were talking about my smoothies that I have every morning, particularly my avocado smoothie,” Kourtney says about the inspiration behind their “hair smoothie.”

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Fitzsimons explains that avocados are beneficial for the hair because it’s a natural detangler that coats the hair with a light oil, making it easier to comb through. He then adds lemon, which he says is antibacterial and helps with dandruff. For over-processed, heat-styled and colored hair, Fitzsimmons loves olive oil, which protects hair from heat damage.

The duo combines 1.5 avocados, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of manuka honey, and the juice from half of a lemon in a blender, and blends it together until it’s liquified. And if you don’t necessarily want your hair smelling like a “cobb salad,” Fitzsimons recommends adding a few drops of essential oil (he chose lavender), which will add a spa-like scent.

To reap the benefits of the mask, Fitzsimons recommends applying the mask, covering it with a shower cap, and leaving it on for about 45 minutes before rinsing.

A Kardashian-approved beauty secret that will only cost a few bucks? We’re sold.

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