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The reality star posted another slew of swimsuit shots and snapchats while on vacation

April 26, 2017 08:56 AM

If you’ve noticed a radical uptick recently in the amount of swimsuit-centric shots the two eldest Kardashian siblings have been posting on every social media platform, no, there isn’t something wrong with your Instagram algorithm, Kim and Kourtney are simply enjoying their vacation to the max. The two sisters are currently on the second leg of their epic tropical trip in honor of Kourtney’s 38th birthday, traveling from the beaches of Mexico to Puerto Rico and showing off their unparalleled collection of barely-there water-ready apparel in the process. But if you thought that the festivities might start slowing down a little over a week after the reality star’s official day of birth, it seems you are deeply mistaken as the mother of three and her gaggle of closest girl friends are still going stronger than ever, posting another slew of bikini-clad shots and Snapchats.

While earlier in the day on Tuesday it was all about those siesta under-boob vibes in a rainbow-hued crochet two-piece, post-nap, Kourt decided to debut another equally wild look, leaving her velvet two-pieces in Mexico in favor of a neon yellow and black leopard print bodysuit from Ethika with a low back, thong bottom, and plenty of side boob, i.e. the mandatory requirements of every piece of clothing she packed for this trip. The Manuka Doctor ambassador posted a picture of herself to Instagram, smirking over her shoulder so that her exposed posterior faces the camera, writing, “This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico.”

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Amongst the 14 ladies who accompanied Kourtney on the trip is the reality star’s makeup artist Joyce Bonelli who also shared another angle on that rear-bearing shot, really capturing the neon yellow glow of that thonged one-piece in the island sunset. Bonelli captioned the photo, “SHES SO ANNOYING LOL LOVVVVEEEEEE YEWWWW AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TO THE BEST BIRTHDAY SUIT I KNOW @kourtneykardash D A M N.”

And while this trip is ostensibly all about the endless assemblage of bikinis, sometimes the best swimsuit is a birthday suit.

While the birthday girl herself seems to have decided to stay fully clothed, at least publicly, an unidentified friend on the trip was a little bit braver, jumping into the shallow end of the pool nude and graciously allowing all of the other ladies to Snapchat the intimate moment.  It seems that whether it’s puking in your bed and then taking a nap in it or splashing around in the buff, on Kourt’s birthday trip, what happens in Puerto Rico stays documented on social media forever.

What do you think of Kourt’s latest bikinis? What style would you like to see her wear next? Sound off below!

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