The reality star shares her spring cleaning tricks

By Kami Phillips
March 23, 2017 03:53 PM

We all know that cleaning out your closet at the start of a new season is a task that comes with a lot of emotional (and physical) baggage. What we can’t imagine is having to clean out a closet the size of say, a Kardashian’s? Well, now that spring is here, Kourtney Kardashian shared some advice on how to stay sane when getting organized. With three kids and a luxurious closet of her own, it’s no wonder that Kourtney has a trick or two up her sleeves. We’re just wondering if she’ll let us go through her “donations pile” when she’s finished? Pretty please?

John Sciulli/Getty

Scroll down to see how the reality star preps for a major closet clean-out and check out more tips and tricks on her website here.


1. RAZOR HANGERS “It’s hard to truly organize your closet if you run out of hangers. I stock up on super slim velvet hangers before I do a big clean. I always use the same color of hangers so everything looks uniform. In my closet, all the hangers are black velvet and the kids’ closets have beige velvet ones.”

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2. IKEA BAGS “I always donate a ton of clothes and shoes after a clean-out. Those giant reusable bags from Ikea are super strong and perfect for holding the giveaway pile when you’re doing a big clean-out. I am big on sustainability, so we often reuse shopping bags, as well.”


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3. DRAWER DIVIDERS “I am obsessed with sectioning off all my drawers for everything from underwear to jewelry to sunglasses to T-shirts. I personally like simple linen or velvet dividers, so they don’t scratch sunglasses or jewelry and won’t snag lingerie made of lace or silk. There is a company called Top Drawer; someone comes out and assesses your closet. She checked out all of my stuff and made suggestions for building out drawers and making the closet more organized. She counted my sunglasses and made sunglasses drawers, jewelry sections. She even made dividers for bras and undies.”

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Do you have any tips for cleaning out your closet this spring? Share them below!