"Our teacher would get so mad"

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated April 27, 2016 07:06 PM

Kourtney Kardashian may have a handle on her beauty routine these days (so much so, in fact, that she landed a beauty contract recently) but as a teenager, the TV personality says her makeup mantra was moody, daring and, at times, rule-breaking.


“[My sister] Kim [Kardashian] and I went to an all-girls Catholic school in seventh and eighth grade, and we started wearing dark lipstick to school,” Kardashian, 37, recently told PeopleStyle of her teenage rule-breaking beauty routine. “Our teacher would get so mad.”

She added: “I remember we went on a school trip to France, and they let us like use lipstick and we were like, ‘Ah, this is like freedom!'”

The oldest Kardashian sister says her and her family’s love of beauty started young — with help from the pros.

“For Christmas one year, my dad got Kim and I these makeup lessons,” she said. “They taught us how to do our own makeup, so I feel like we were always good at doing our own makeup. We’ve always been into it.”

Now, though, Kardashian says she’s more particular about her routine and prefers an au naturale look compared to a more done-up, overly contoured creation.

“The way we like our makeup has evolved over the years,” she told PeopleStyle. “I like [my makeup] pretty natural, like I love my skin to look really good in person. Depending on who’s doing it, sometimes it’ll be like cakey, but I like it to just look flawless, where it looks good on camera and in person.”

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Which makes sense, considering the TV personality recently teamed up with skincare brand Manuka Doctor as its newest brand ambassador.

“It really happened so organically — I have been using Manuka honey for years,” Kardashian told PeopleStyle. “I’ve been using Manuka honey for years, so when the brand was looking for an ambassador for its skincare line, it was just like a perfect fit.”

Her favorite product? The Replenishing Oil. “I use it like under my eyes and on my eyelids, which you just have to be careful not to get it in your eyes,” Kardashian explains. “But then I put it on my hands before I go to bed and I’ll even put it on my body — I just love the way it smells.”

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–Sarah Kinonen, with reporting by Andrea Lavinthal