The reality star showed off her latest two piece on Instagram

Credit: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

As of late, the Cannes Film Festival has become less synonymous with the feats of cinema being put on display, and more so with the hoards of celebrities and supermodels who descend upon the coastal French town in order to take a super glamorous turn on the event’s red carpet. But even this grand spectacle of black tie dressing is beginning to be subverted thanks to the every vigilant gaze of social media as more and more eyes turn to what these stars are wearing, or not wearing, during the off-duty moments of their Riviera vacation. That means that one’s range of swim attire has become just as, if not more, important than those fresh off the runway evening gowns, but thankfully Kourtney Kardashian is more than capable of meeting the new demands of this uncharted two-piece territory.

Of course, the reality star got plenty of practice debuting an envious array of water-friendly fashions during her raucous, week-long Mexican birthday vacation, wearing one super sexy suit after the next. Showing off a teeny-tiny leopard print one-piece in a belfie one day, an assortment of hydrophobic velvet bikinis the next, and a whole lot of under-boob baring two-pieces in between. So by the time Cannes rolled around, Kourt’s arsenal of yacht apparel practically curated itself.

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While Kendall was busy serving the finest in jort fashions on the red carpet, Kourtney’s been spending her holiday predominately aboard various boats with her new beau Younes Bendijma and the requisite comprehensive wardrobe of swimwear. While she started off the festival giving us a Baywatch moment in a red high-cut one-piece, she quickly transitioned to a retro-inspired high-rise Milly suit and a faux-pierced nipple bikini. And on Wednesday, she debuted her latest offering via a photo on her Instagram account (alongside close friend Simon Huck), showing off a tiny gold two-piece from Missoni with her hands demurely covering her breasts, contributing to the long-held celebrity tradition of punning off of the French city’s name, writing, “Cannes you feel it?” Well, Cannes you?

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