The collection launches exactly 10 years after Kim Kardashian and Makeup by Mario first met

Kim Kardashian West and her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic have been talking about their KKW Beauty makeup collaboration for what feels like forever, and now, it is just 10 days away.

The tight knit duo shared the first promo shots for the collection Monday, and in true Kardashian West style, she’s posing alongside Dedivanovic in a sexy black bodysuit while wearing the eye shadows and lip products in the line.

The launch date of the collaboration has an extra special meaning for long time friends, marking 10 years since the duo first met on the set of a photo shoot.

“10 years ago when we met I never dreamed we would be launching our own products together! @makeupbymario has taught me everything I know about make up! I’m so proud of this collection of our favorite eye shadows and lips! Stay tuned…. KKW X MARIO,” Kardashian West said on Instagram.

The collection consists of one nude lipstick ($20), two high shine lip glosses ($18) and an 10-pan eyeshadow palette ($45) with warm matte neutrals, golden metallics, a bright cobalt blue and more pigmented shades, which were all unveiled in a promo video.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 11.45.29 AM
Credit: KKW Beauty

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Dedivanovic said, “10 years ago I met my muse on set and I’ll never forget how inspired I was by her beauty. 10 years later and I’m equally inspired every time she sits in my chair. ♥🙏🏻 #KKWxMARIO collab launches on April 5, 2018. Exactly ten years to the day we met. I’m so anxious to show you all the collab. Reveal coming very very soon 👀 Stay tuned….”

Kardashian West opened up about her collaboration with Dedivanovic during an intimate panel with Madonna earlier this month.

“Next I have a collab with my makeup artist of 10 years, Mario Dedivanovic. We have a really cute collection coming out. Something that we’ve worked on for a long time,” she said.

Leading up to the launch announcement, Dedivanovic posted a throwback photo of his calendar from April 5, 2008, to give fans a snapshot of what his life was like the moment he met Kardashian West.

“This is my calendar from 2008 that I still have. 10 years ago, on April 5th, 2008 I met @kimkardashian on a cover shoot. I almost didn’t take the job because I had to work at Fox that afternoon where I did makeup for the anchors on the weekends for extra $. At this point I had been a makeup artist for 8 years in NYC, honing my craft, building my portfolio and paying my dues. Retail, weddings, editorial, TV, personal clients, assisting,” he wrote.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 11.33.31 AM
Credit: Makeup by Mario/Instagram

The makeup industry vet said he’d started working with singers and actresses when he first met Kim, an the idea of a reality star was new.

“After all my years paying dues and assisting some of the big fashion and celeb makeup greats, I was being groomed to begin working with A list stars- actresses & recording artists,” he shared. “I had an agent who demanded that I stop working with Kim immediately. They said I would ruin my career and my career would end within a year or 2. That all of my hard work and struggles until then would be for nothing.”

“Was I going to sit and worry about what the elitist industry would think of me and try to fit into their mold? I refused. I chose to stick with Kim because it felt right in my heart. She was hard working, loyal and sweet. She kept me insanely busy. She appreciated me and my artistry and I had too much respect for her,” he continued.


Dedivanovic added that collaborating for the past decade with Kim has helped mold his career.

“We’ve grown together, set trends, inspired and impacted an industry along the way. Through all her milestones and achievements and through her rise to global superstardom she has taken me along the way and impacted my life greatly, helping me to achieve unparalleled success of my own as a celebrity makeup artist. I am so excited to finally announce that on April 5, 2018 – exactly 10 years to the day we met, our #KKWxMARIO collaboration with @kkwbeauty will launch!”