Kirsten Dunst Has a Rodarte Wedding Dress in the Works

The actress joins Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy for a 5 Questions style sit down

Kirsten Dunst has been hitting red carpets for the past two decades, and she usually turns to one design duo to dress her: Rodarte’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy. So it makes sense that for the Mulleavy sisters’ directorial debut, they cast their sartorial muse as their leading lady. Dunst stars in Woodshock, out in select theaters September 22, as Theresa, a woman trying to cope and escape a personal loss with the use of drugs, which leads to a dark, trippy and symbolic movie that brings the designer sisters to the forefront of cinema.

We caught up with the close friends and colleagues at PEOPLE HQ for a 5 Questions video sit down, to find out what it’s like collaborating in film and, of course, fashion.

Premiere Of A24's "Woodshock" - Arrivals

“Working with [Kirsten] and seeing this amazing spirit that she has — it’s really powerful,” Laura tells PEOPLE in the clip above of directing Dunst. “It kind of can drive anything. So you’re really counting on us behind the camera to give guidance to people but I really think Kirsten, her liveliness and her kind of care about people and the entire crew really let people feel like they needed to believe in the project so in the own sense she’s like an incredible leader.”

Also during the sit down, Dunst reflects on a time when she didn’t always have such stylish friends to dress her, but she doesn’t regret her style evolution.

“I remember wearing jellies with socks to like the MTV awards — like high-heeled jellies,” she reveals. “Just like with anything when you’re a teenager you migrate to certain things. I was also lucky I had pretty good influences as a young kid. At 16 I was work with Sofia Coppola who had the chicest style to me so I had a good influences to not like change things about myself. I think your taste eventually evolves and you migrate to things you feel beautiful in.”

And because she always feels beautiful in Rodarte, the actress will be turning to her designer friends for her most important look: her wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials to actor Jesse Plemons.

“There’s too many ideas right now,” Laura shares of the wedding dress planning.

Adds Kate: “It’s exciting. How many directors make a wedding dress for the person in the film and then make other dresses that you wear? It’s actually really strange but it means a lot. I think we’ve actually only done a handful of wedding dresses in our career, and we’ve only done them for people that we’re really close with because it’s an emotional thing, when you wear it to get married … it’s just a magical thing to create that’s kind of going to be exciting.”

For more on Dunst’s style, like her favorite Rodarte dresses of all time and the story behind those Christian Lacroix shoes she always wears, watch the clip above. And check out Woodshock out now in select cinemas, starting today.

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