"This series is about how tech, business and fashion converge," Simmons tells PEOPLE

By Kate Hogan
Updated December 01, 2020 07:40 PM

Kimora Lee Simmons has always had a passion for fashion — modeling for Karl Lagerfeld at 13, launching Baby Phat in 1999, sitting front-row at New York Fashion Week year after year — and now she’s laying all her cards on the table with her new Style network reality show, Kimora: House of Fab.

The series focuses on Simmons, of course, and her burgeoning, affordable online shopping destination There’s the usual reality show drama — cranky coworkers, tight deadlines and lots of “fabulosity” — with a heavy dose of fashion porn. Check out an exclusive clip of the series premiere below![brightcoveplayer 2098500237001]

Kimora: House of Fab “gives a behind-the-scenes look at the growing business of fashion online and what it takes to interact with consumers and their tastes in real-time,” Simmons tells PEOPLE exclusively. “This series is about how tech, business and fashion converge.”

“Our viewer not only loves fashion, but she loves the business behind it,” Simmons continues. “I always want my shows to inform and inspire as well as entertain. It should feel like a crash course in design, management, business, tech.”

It’s amazing Simmons finds time to film the show — let alone run her brands — with three small children at home. But the mama mogul says it’s all about scheduling.

“I have a great staff that I appreciate, but the key thing to remember is that you’ll only do as well as your prioritization,” she explains. “Do what’s in front of you, remember what’s important and go from there.” Though she admits to having a packed schedule, “I never lose sight of the importance of being there for my kids and for my family,” she says.

So are her kids interested in the family business? Maybe. Daughters Ming and Aoki “are blossoming into beautiful young women with their own interests, passions … and agendas,” Simmons says. “They have friends, school and volunteer work so I’m not sure that the show ranks so highly for them!”

But if they do take notice, Simmons will be there, watching with them. “I know they’re budding entrepreneurs, so I’m sure they’ll watch and have questions,” she shares. “And I’ll be there to answer them.”

Kimora: House of Fab premieres next Wednesday, Jan 23., at 9 p.m. ET on the Style network. And be sure to catch the season finale on Wednesday, March 13, when PEOPLE StyleWatch makes a special appearance!

–Kate Hogan