The reality TV stars look more like sisters than mother and daughter in their matching Instagram snaps

By Colleen Kratofil
April 05, 2019 12:09 PM

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is known for baring it all in bikinis, and she’s passing down her signature swimsuit style to her daughter, Brielle Biermann, 22.

Both women are enjoying some sun during a tropical family vacation and they’re showing off their suits in very similar (and very sexy) Instagram snaps. From their similar poses, to matching suit styles, their Instagram accounts are a mirror image to one another.

It all started three days ago when Kim and Brielle both shared photos of their backsides.

Kim, 40, shared a photo of herself walking to the beach in a printed swimsuit with flared trim and oversize floppy hat.

On the same day, Brielle shared a pic of herself laying on her stomach, showing off her stripped two-piece writing, “Sunny & 75 and y’all still have a better view than I do💋”

The following day, they each showed off the front of their beachside looks, with Kim posting a pic lounging on a bench in a plunging white one-piece, while Brielle posed atop a jet ski in a cheetah-print bikini.

Kim shared a third pic of her cheetah-print suit that’s similar to Brielle’s with a pic writing, “Suns out …… Buns out 😉.”

This isn’t the first time the mother-daughter duo mimicked one another. In a recent Instagram photo with Kim’s second daughter, Arielle, 17, the three look more like triplets than mother and daughters. “We went to the plastic surgeon and asked for the 3 for 1 special💉,” Brielle joked in the caption.

The family has been very candid about their appearances and the plastic surgeries procedures they may or may not have gotten.

In an interview with PEOPLE Now, Kim admitted that she had her lips done and has gotten Botox. She also had a tummy tuck after the birth of her twins, Kaia and Kane, 5, out of necessity, and reduced the size of her breasts last year.

Kim has said that she wouldn’t allow her daughters to get any procedures done until they were 18, and while Ariana hasn’t had anything done, Brielle has opened up about her decision to get lip fillers, revealing that she was insecure about them “because I had none.”

“All my friends had beautiful, full lips,” she said. “Like my best friend Elizabeth. I was like, you b—, I want lips that look like yours… Since I was 14 I was like, I have to have my lips done right when I turn 18. If I could’ve done it sooner I would’ve and I don’t regret it. I don’t think I’ve gone overboard like people claim.”

The family has received harsh backlash from social media regarding their looks, but they know how to take criticism in stride.

“People always have something to say,” Kim told PEOPLE Now. “You’re never going to win.”

“I knew that it was coming,” Brielle told PEOPLE of the lip injection backlash. “Everybody has an opinion, and some people say I’ve gone overboard. I will say, in some pictures, they do look a little crazy, but I feel like in person they’re actually not.”