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Their kisses may begin with K (like everything else in their lives), but their wedding jewelry will most likely begin with L. As in, Lorraine Schwartz. And since the location of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s Memorial Day weekend nuptials is either at fortress in Florence or some crazy mansion in Paris, we don’t imagine Kim picking a dainty necklace and small studs. Schwartz has made both of her engagement rings and dressed her for countless red carpet events. So we’ve gone through Kim’s recent looks from the designer and picked a few “basics” (if you could call this many diamonds basic) that we’re hoping the reality star, 33, has on her Pinterest board for wedding jewelry inspiration.

Getty (2); Courtesy Lorraine Schwartz; AP; Inset: Courtesy Lorraine Schwartz

When you’re capable of donning Elizabeth Taylor-size jewels, which accessory gets you the biggest bling for your buck? A necklace, like the one at top left. It is worth pointing out Kardashian hasn’t worn a big necklace with a gown since getting engaged (even when she went strapless at the Met Gala and for her Vogue cover, her neck was bare).

As of late, she’s been keeping her neckwear demure, wearing only a gold “Nori” necklace and letting her well, other assets be the focus above the waist. Sure, this diamond collar is pretty thick, and yes, she wore it with a crop top, but this would not look out of place at an ornate Paris establishment.

Kardashian tends to favor stacks of bracelets, but one of our favorite Lorraine Schwartz pieces is this single cuff she wore to the Vienna Opera Ball in February, top right. This one, worn on her left hand, is a great complement to her gigantic engagement ring.

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Her most quintessentially bridal jewelry to date has been her three-tiered earrings from the Met Gala, at bottom left. Schwartz told PEOPLE last year that “the right earring can make you feel and look younger,” and that when it comes to a formal event, “the first thing that you look at is the face.”

“Unlike your shoes or your bag, you are always going to see the jewelry in a picture and it’s also your investment,” Schwartz explained. “You are going to wear your earrings over and over.” These earrings are truly an heirloom piece, and since she likes to draw attention to her eyes and cheekbones, chances are that earrings will be the showstoppers at her wedding.

And finally, for a more out-of-the-box piece, the hand jewelry that Schwartz posted on her Instagram last week (last photo above) would definitely guarantee some big bling buzz. Since Kardashian wore a diamond headpiece to her wedding to Kris Humphries in 2011, it seems unlikely that she’ll pick another similar piece. And while this hand jewelry might be a little funky for a lavish ceremony, it could be perfect as the statement piece for a reception look.

Tell us: What fine jewelry do you think Kim should wear to her wedding?

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