Two close pals say the reality star will be 'amazing' and 'over the top' on her big day

By Kate Hogan
Updated July 26, 2011 10:00 PM

David Livingston/Getty

When asked about her upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian said she’s trying to keep it “as private as we can.” But her friends are so excited for the reality star’s big day that they can’t help but share a few small details. Longtime pal Brittny Gastineau spoke to PEOPLE recently at the Noon by Noor launch event in West Hollywood, and said she expects her friend to look like “a princess” on her big day. “Kim is so beautiful, so anything will look great,” she said, adding that she’s seen a sketch of the infamous wedding gown. “It’s gorgeous. Beyond [gorgeous]. She’s going to be amazing.” Publicist friend Jonathan Cheban agreed. “I think we’re going for over the top,” he said of her look. “If they’re going to film [the wedding], the world is going to want to see something really exciting. It’s Kim. She’s not a movie star, she’s not a pop star, she’s a reality star that everyone’s obsessed with and everyone wants to see.” Calling the bride-to-be “cool as a cucumber,” Cheban said she’s prepared to give her fans what they want. “To not give people a huge [ceremony] for them to awe over would be almost bad. It wouldn’t be nice,” he explained. “I think people are expecting it. I think if it were a little elopement ceremony people would be very disappointed.” From the sounds of it, the big day will be anything but. “I’m so excited,” Gastineau gushed. “It’s literally like the royal wedding.” —Reporting by Vanessa Diaz