Get ready for more bodysuits!
Credit: Samantha Nandez/

In case you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian West is only four pounds away from her post-baby goal weight. And she’s motivating herself to lose those last lbs. with the exciting possibility of revamping her wardrobe. Her game plan? To make her outfits sexier than ever before.

PEOPLE caught up with the star at the launch of Revolve’s L.A. Social Club where she talked about Kanye West’s influence over her style and what she’s going to do when she reaches her 120-lbs. goal.

Her first order of business: Buying more bodysuits! “I mean, I’m always into bodysuits. Now that I feel like I’ve gotten down to my goal weight a little bit more, I want to wear less clothes, so I’m really into bodysuits and trying to figure out how to wear that more.”

Credit: Samantha Nandez/

It will be a refreshing change of pace, seeing as Kim’s been wearing warm-weather gear all summer long. “I always say I have my own environment because I don’t have typical rules. Typically, I’m inside, so when people see me and I’m wearing a coat or boots or whatever and it’s really hot outside I’m in a freezing air conditioned place that I’m just going in and out of. I try to be cautious of the weather, obviously, but I pick style over weather.”

Case in point? Her summer furry sandals and long-sleeve knit dresses with knee-high boots. “The sweater dress that I did wear to the Revolve event in the Hamptons was so thin and it was really overcast that day, so it worked. It was short and I had an open-toe bootie.”

Despite the fact that most of us do have to brave the elements, whatever Kim wears seems to sell out in record speeds, thanks to the “Kim effect.”

“I think it’s super cool,” Kim says. “I love seeing people when they have looks on that I feel like are inspired by me. I have so many sisters and all we do is share clothes and share tips and stuff, so I love it when I see other people getting that exclusive insider information and figuring out where to shop. I love to share my tricks with people and where I shop and really what I do. To me, there’s nothing worse than a stingy person that doesn’t want you to copy their stuff and never shares their ideas or tricks with you — I’ve always been the opposite — so I love that.”

One trend she’s particularly proud of bringing back? The oh-so-hot choker necklace. “I never want to say I created it or stated it because, I mean, I got it from somewhere. So I didn’t start it, but if I wear chokers and I see all my friends wearing chokers or the same ones or we’ll customize them, and that’s always fun to see people wear because I love chokers.”

— Reporting by Nicole Sands