May 18, 2016 06:49 PM

Perhaps you’ve heard of this little, under-the-radar social media star by the name of Kim Kardashian West. With 70.5 million Instagram followers and counting already under her belt, the reality TV powerhouse has proven she knows a think or two about best social media practices. So when Kim says she has an idea of how to improve an app, that app best sit up and take notice (ahem, Twitter, we’re still waiting on our edit button).

Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

In a Snapchat the reality star sent to her millions of followers on Wednesday, Kim, a recent yet prodigious convert to the disappearing message app, attempted to speak to the company’s founders directly employing them to get in touch with her as she has more than a few really good ideas for filters she’d like to pitch them. And when the woman who invented Kimojis says she has a good idea, you know she means good.

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While she hasn’t revealed any details about what exactly those filter innovations might entail, we have a few ideas of our own Kim might want to send Snapchat’s way, for a small finder’s fee, of course.

The Censor Bar Filter

For those whose personal life motto is also, “Nude selfies until I die.”

The Facetune Contoured Filter:

Perfect for the snap star on the go. This will shave hours off of your social media glam prep, hours that you can then redirect back to your precious selfie time.

The Yeezus Filter:

This will probably be the closest any of us will ever get to wearing actual Balmain…or Yeezy sneakers for that matter.

The Blonde Moment Filter:

There’s nothing the ladies of the KarJenner family love more than a little unexpected overnight blonde, and now they can get it without any of the harmful bleach.

The “Break the Internet” Filter:

Actually…how does this one not exist already?

What Snapchat filter would you want to see the app launch next? Share below.

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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