The reality star also wore another corseted ensemble

By Emily Kirkpatrick
August 09, 2016 05:19 AM

A successful and healthy weight loss journey is one undeniably worth celebrating. As anyone desperately attempting to shed a few pounds can attest, whittling yourself down to your goal weight is no easy feat. It takes a lot of long hours logged at the gym, a tightly regimented diet, and suffering through an endlessly sore physique in order to finally reap the rewards of all your efforts. Rewards which, in Kim Kardashian‘s case, consist of losing so much weight you have to buy a whole new set of chokers to fit around your newly lithe neck.

Monday was truly a milestone day in the life of this Forbes cover woman. Not only did she attain her preliminary goal weight of 125, meaning she’s a meager five pounds away from bestowing unto the world yet another of her promised nude selfies, but she also found an inventive new way to humblebrag about shedding said body mass. In a Snapchat, Kim plays with her choker necklace, saying in a voice of exaggerated concern, “Guys, we’re having real problems here. See my choker? Look how big it is! My neck even lost weight. Is that wild or what?” And we all know there’s nothing more gauche than a baggy choker.

But that’s not the only exciting new development in the Selfish author’s life. Kim is also clearly a fan of the Rio Summer Games as she just so happened to pick this precise moment to test out the ancient Chinese myofascial decompression therapy known as cupping, the results of which can currently be spotted all over the shoulders of Olympic swimmers.

She Snapchatted the cupping and acupuncture treatment she received from the comfort of her own bed in an attempt to try and fix a problem she’s been having with her neck. Perhaps it’s simply over-strained from having to carry her head around when it’s now become merely a wisp of its former self.

And while you would think all of Kim’s time would be fully engrossed in losing those final 5 pounds in order to reach her goal weight of 120, she’s also managed to find a little free time in her schedule to perfect her new corset-over-clothing technique.


Clearly, when Kim really believes in a trend, she goes all in. While recording a few of the videos and voiceovers for her video game at Glu, the media company that produces Kim Kardashian Hollywood, the reality star wore a gold slip dress cinched at the waist with a white lace-up corset and covered with an oversize denim jacket. “Why?” you may ask yourself. Surely because the Kimoji mogul is finding new uses for her collection of waist trainers.