The reality star has always been the best advertisement for her husband's apparel

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated June 13, 2016 12:43 PM

Anyone who’s even glanced at a handful of Kim Kardashian‘s ensembles over the past eight months or so should immediately be able to recognize one fact about the reality star’s dressing M.O: She has a serious style uniform centered around a love of all things spandex. Full length, capri, biker short, or jumpsuit there’s no skintight style she hasn’t worn, loved, and worn again. (Bonus points if it’s a neutral!)

Thus, wth the latest look she debuted at LAX over the weekend, Kim may have just her platonic ideal of an outfit: a head-to-toe monochromatic elastic look, topped off with a piece from Kanye West‘s fashion line.


The shoes from Kanye’s Yeezy Season 2 collection were officially released online last week, which for the first time included an array of heeled boots for women. So naturally, Kim, who’s always been the number one advertiser of her husband’s apparel, had to wear a pair of the heels out this weekend, just to show the masses exactly what they’re missing. In this case, a pair of olive stretchy thigh-highs with a peep-toe and cut-out heel on a thick wooden platform that are currently retailing for $995.

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But this look wasn’t all about the Yeezys, Kim also managed to perfect her bodycon athleisure aesthetic, pairing the shoes with a stretch midi dress in a matching shade of avocado taupe, finishing it off with a slouchy duster in only a slightly darker shade, her favorite crocodile Birkin and her diamond “Saint” choker. In other words, Kim somehow fashioned a skintight jumpsuit out of an assortment of non-jumpsuit related apparel.

While his collections are already largely composed of artfully layered bodysuits, considering his wife is his ultimate muse, Kanye should really just give in completely and launch a Yeezy Season 3 line exclusively composed of only things Kim wants to wear. In other words, bike shorts, spandex jumpsuits, leather jackets emblazoned with her own visage, and a touch of “blingy, sexy robot,” just for good measure.

What do you think of Kim’s weekend look? Would you wear Kanye’s new boots?

–Emily Kirkpatrick