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September 16, 2016 04:43 PM

What’s Kim Kardashian up to lately, you might ask? (Just kidding, you never need to ask: The paparazzi have the latest on all her outdoor activities, while she’s bringing you up to speed on the inside stuff on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.) But if you did find yourself with no internet access and some level of curiosity, you could probably guess that she’d be wearing some kind of revealing bodysuit and heels and leaving a building. Well, great news, you guessed right.

Friday’s look? A nude bodysuit with a high-cut leg (from certain angles, you could see it above her high-waist jeans) and a low-cut arm opening (the better to maximize the sideboob, of course). Dark gray wash J Brand denim and barely-there strappy heels completed the look.

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Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

But she wasn’t taking Miami by herself! The star was accompanied by her similarly stretch fabric-clad sisters: Kourtney in a smudge-print mini and ankle boots (proving the Kardashian aversion to climate-appropriate clothing is genetic) and Khloé in a ribbed tan knit tank dress and clear heels (another Kim favorite that is shared among her siblings).

You may still have questions after seeing these photos. Like: Are there any more bodysuits left for purchase in the universe? And: What must her suitcase look like? And: Does she relax in tight pants and a constricting top, since she spends so much of her day in stretch fabrics? Please feel free to add more questions below.

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