The reality star is a woman of many interests


Kim Kardashian is sure to be remembered for many things, such as being a formidable business woman with a multi-million dollar empire, posing naked on the cover of more magazines than anyone can count and being a Taylor Swift truther, of course. But one thing she doesn’t get quite enough recognition for is single handedly reviving corsetry, the mainstay fashion statement of the 18th century, bringing the antique body shaper out of the history books and into the 21st century.

In her first public outing since the whole #KimExposedTaylorParty went down, the Kimoji entrepreneur decided to go with an outfit that incorporated all of her tried and true favorites. Leather corset-cum-bustier and Celine flattop shades? Check. Messy top knot, strappy sandals, and capri length leggings? But, of course. As for her shirt, Kim kept more covered up than usual in a reconstructed vintage Metallica tee which has the words “Kill ‘Em All” peeking out from underneath her waist trainer in the back.

Earlier in the day, Kim wore a sporty black waist trainer over a gray t-shirt teamed with a pair of black spandex, which looked to be the workout version of her afternoon ensemble.

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And because one can never have too many torso-cinching devises, the reality star also Snapchatted a shot of herself wearing a white, lace-up corset on top of a white sports bra and extremely high-waisted briefs. The image also showcased Kim’s very advanced case of thigh brow.

But when not spending her time admiring her extensive girdle collection, Kim also made a major announcement on the reality TV front. Judging from a casting call posted to Facebook, it seems the selfie queen is planning to be the executive producer on a new reality series featuring beauty bloggers who will compete against one another for the chance to become the beauty director of all the Kardashians apps and websites (just think of the Lip Kit access!). If students are lucky, maybe Kim will even be kind enough to offer a master class in the art of serving shade while keeping your contour flawless.

What do you think of Kim’s corset collection? Would you be on her reality show? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick