Kim Kardashian Talks KKW Beauty and Her Poor Swatching Skills: 'I Kind of Knew They Were Bad'

The rising beauty guru opens up about what she's learned since creating her own line

After 10 years of getting her glam done for television and photo shoots, Kim Kardashian West is on a quest to make applying makeup easier for herself — and for her fans. The star recently launched her own beauty line, KKW Beauty, creating a range of cream contouring and highlighting products, with new powders launching Tuesday.

And she’s not the only one sharing her glam secrets. She joined her longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, at his masterclass in N.Y.C. on Saturday, in order to teach fans and makeup artists alike how to create her signature look. Throughout the five hour class, the star had her makeup done by Dedivanovic — and talked about creating her own line, which sister she’d allow to do her makeup, and what was up with her wonky swatching skills.

“I’ve learned so much,” Kardashian told the audience of creating KKW Beauty. “I did learn what my space in the beauty world is — it’s that my [products] are super blendable and user-friendly and really easy for someone that’s not a makeup artist.”

The key to simplifying her products? Less pigment. “I feel that some products have so much pigment in them that you have to be really good at blending and I’m not,” she explained. “I like to do it really quickly and not spend a lot of time blending, so I found that I was really proud that I was really true to myself in what my product line is.”

But the learning didn’t stop in the product lab. Kardashian said she also needed to focus on marketing her kits. “You learn so much that no one even sees, from getting the right product shots and making sure that the lighting is perfect. It’s so much work behind the scenes that it’s a full time job,” she shared.

Of course, Kardashian picked Dedivanovic’s beauty brain when perfecting her products.

“I’ll FaceTime him sometimes at 2 in the morning, like about this contour kit, there was one color was just a little off to me,” she said. “I woke him up at 2 in the morning and over FaceTime I was like, ‘This color, don’t you think its a little off?'”

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And yes, he’s helping her to work on her product swatches. “She had no idea — she didn’t even know they were bad,” Dedivanovic said of Kardashian.

She replied, “I kind of knew they were bad. After I did it I was like, ‘Oh shoot they don’t look as pretty as everyone else’s.’ But I didn’t have a light.”

Kardashian’s 4-year-old daughter, North, has already picked up a love of makeup akin to her own, the star said. “There’s been times that I’ve sent Kylie these crazy text messages because I’ll walk in and my daughter will have a purple lip kit all over her face after I’ve just gotten her ready to go somewhere.”

But while Kylie’s lip kits might sometimes get into the wrong hands, Kardashian trusts the rising beauty mogul. When it comes to who she’d let do her makeup, Kardashian said, “Kylie, not even a question. She’s so good at doing her makeup. The least is Kourtney or Kendall. Khloé has helped me do my makeup once. But Kylie, she’s so good at it.”

No matter what, though, Mario will always be her go-to artist — and she jokes that once in a while, he’ll give her a freebie glam session. “He’s really nice and on my birthday or Christmas he’ll give me a gift certificate for a few makeup sessions. That’s my favorite present — I think I’m going to ask my family to get me that.”

When Kardashian stepped on stage during Saturday’s masterclass, she was completely makeup-free. And aside from some redness around her nose due to the cold that she joked she caught from Dedivanovic, her skin was flawless — which she credits to lots of laser sessions and a ton of lotions and potions.

“I change up my serums, but I like to use a hyaluronic acid first and then layer my serums on after that,” she said. “I am a big fan of serums. I do it all over my chest, neck and face. If you start with hyaluronic acid first, you can apply serum after and seal it with moisturizer.”

Plus, she likes to keep her face bronzed. “My face is really white and I don’t lay out that much and my body gets so much tanner than my face,” she said. “I have to spray tan my face every few days.”

So with bronzer — her must-have product — already on the market, what’s next for her line? “After this, were gonna come out with concealers,” she said, adding that she’s hoping to branch the line out into a variety of different “looks.” And “Maybe Mario and I have something coming out soon,” she said, as he tried to keep her from spilling the beans.

But one thing is certain — her contouring palettes will always be relevant. “No matter what you’re doing, contouring and highlighting will always be popular,” she said.

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