Kim Kardashian Steps Out in a Nude Unitard Carrying a $120,000+ Birkin Bag

The reality star helped promote her husband's fashion line while getting lunch with her sister.

Clearly, something is going on with the Kardashian ladies and their next level bodysuit stylings. Yesterday, Kourtney demonstrated for us all a very interesting new way to wear a leotard, fastening it atop her skinny jeans. And Kim has been wearing the same black top and capri-length legging for going on almost four months now, essentially creating a full-body Spanx situation. But on Wednesday, the reality star proved she has more spandex sportswear tricks up her sleeve, stepping out in a flesh-colored unitard, which looks like it’s hot off her husband Kanye West‘s Yeezy Season 3 runway.

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Mrs. West made a rare public appearance yesterday (at least compared to how often we used to see her pre-Saint), meeting up with her sister Kourtney at the Blu Jam Cafe in Calabasas, California to film for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim wore a full look from what we believe to be Kanye’s new Yeezy Season 3 line for Adidas, pairing her spaghetti-strap flesh-hued bodysuit with an oversize green army jacket, lucite heels and a very pricey purse.

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That small bag slung over her arm so nonchalantly may look like no big deal, but in fact, it’s an extremely rare, no longer in production 30cm Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin made from albino crocodiles. Just to put into perspective what that means exactly, the last one of these bad boys to sell at auction was 5cm smaller than Kim’s and sold for $121,875. We think we may have just discovered where all that debt Kanye’s in came from.

What do you think of Kim’s unitard? Would you be brave enough to wear one?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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