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Kim Kardashian Is the Latest Celebrity to Profess Her Love for These Anti-Breakage Hair Ties

They guarantee glorious, smooth hair, no matter how long you wear them
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While the antics of actual royalty are deeply fascinating, the Kardashians — American royalty, for all intents and purposes — are no less captivating. Kim alone has a combined social media following of 281.6 million people, and the family of entrepreneurs knows exactly how to optimize the world's obsession with their lives: an enormous web of their own products. So when Kim spotlights a product that's not her own creation, you know the love is big — and such is the case with Slip scrunchies

If you're not familiar with Slip, the company specializes in silk pillowcases and hair accessories celebrities love for minimizing breakage and tangles. If Heidi Klum insured her legs for $2 million, we'd bet Kardashian could fetch just as much for her famously long, silky black hair — meaning anything that comes near it will be top of the line. The rest of the clan is just as careful with their hair, which could be why Kourtney included the silk-spun hair ties in her latest Poosh at-home spa kit.  

Kim shared the set on her Instagram story last week, and amongst the Clarins skincare and Skims robe (of course), the hair ties provoked a special excitement. "I love these hair ties. They're the new scrunchies that I'm using all the time," she explained. Kris, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner are also fans of the brand, as are Chrissy Teigen, Victoria Beckham, and Regina King. The adoration continues on Amazon, where the black, pink, and caramel set of skinny ties wins over 700 five-star ratings. 

Buy It! Slip Silk Skinnie Scrunchies, $39;

"If you love your hair, buy them," writes one shopper. "I will use these for the rest of my life." Others call it the best hair tie they own, since it leaves zero kinks or creases on all hair types, slips out without any pulling, and stays put in both thick curls and fine, slippery hair. One reviewer even gives it five stars where other scrunchies couldn't compete. 

"I use it 24/7 to put my hair up everyday in a bun for the military, and at night to get my hair out of my face," they write. "I have really curly hair, and all scrunchies leave a dent in my hair and mess up my curls. This one DOESN'T!!!! My curls automatically fall down and they're in place, or I just have to shake them out and my hair still looks lovely."  

Another shopper says that despite the price tag, they're well worth the money; the ties are an investment, so they have no regrets. A scroll through any Kardashian's Instagram confirms it: The silky scrunchies are a recipe for glorious hair.