Because who better to learn from than the pro herself?
Credit: Instagram

Everything we know about selfies — taking them, posing in them, posting them — we’ve learned from Kim Kardashian West. Not only has she perfected the art of capturing the perfect selfie (in various degrees of clothing), she’s also gone as far as turning the skill into a career, launching an entire book filled with just pages of the photos. But just as there are always new selfies to be taken, there are always new methods to be learned. And in an effort to make the world is talented as she, Kardashian is filling us in on her must-have secrets.

In an interview with E!, Kardashian shared her top three fundamentals in the world of selfie taking: “You need good lighting. obviously.” Followed by, “Always take your selfie from above, angling down.” Lastly: “Know your own angles.” (Spoiler: Hers is chin-down.)

And don’t believe the hype she started when she mentioned offhand that she might be more into “non-touring” these days. She’s been reunited with her one true love.

“I’m back into contour and think when you’ve done it really well it definitely helps your selfie,” she says. “Once you put the light on, it just shows off your features so well.”

Of note: It’s not the old fashioned Kardashian contour we’re used to. Instead, her new method doesn’t even involve powder.

“I’ve been a powder contour person for the longest time, but now I’ve been into using darker foundations and cream contour,” she tells E!. “I like a dewier look. My favorite matte pressed powder I used to only use was discontinued, so I have kind of resorted to cream contours.”

Duly noted. Running home to throw away all our powder contours and master our angles.

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