Hairstylist Chris Appleton gives us all the details on the reality star's new look
Credit: AKM-GSI

At this point in her career, Kim Kardashian has tried almost every hair look imaginable (aside from an Amber Rose-style buzz cut), so her glam team has to work really hard to keep things fresh. While that often results in some style and beauty choices that could be deemed questionable by some, Mrs. West works tirelessly at changing up her look, taking all the risk so the rest of us can follow in her thigh-high booted footsteps. So, of course, the app tycoon surprised no one when she braided her lob into a series of cornrows pierced with metal hoops.

On Thursday, Kim took her new vibe to the streets, stepping out in Beverly Hills with a head full of the aforementioned braided and looped plaits paired with an oversize The Life of Pablo tee lampshaded on top of thigh-high, lace-up Tom Ford heels. In other words, the reality star’s go-to summer uniform.

Hairstylist Chris Appleton, who’s created pierced braids for Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, and Shay Mitchell and also is the man responsible for Kim’s new, blunt lob (which turns out, is a wig!), explained his inspiration behind this look he’s dubbed the “warrior braid” to People via email, saying, “I wanted to create a braid look on Kim but make it different. So I decided to make a combination of braids and twists. And I made the hoops, my signature, to make the look updated and new.”

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As for all the nitty gritty that went into creating this look, Appleton says that the braids took 45 minutes to create, using “gel serum by Oribe to braid and keep the hair clean, this is key to creating the look. I divided the look in to 3 large cornrows and 8 small twists. I made sure the hoops I made had a opening like an earring does, so they slip on and off the hair with ease. I mixed a combination of silver and gold in different size hoops. To keep the look slightly softer I left some of Kim’s hairline out for a real editorial feel. I wanted to create a strong iconic look with a soft finish.” Also he says, make sure to keep the ring placement random for a more fun affect.

Because as we should all know by now, when you’ve reached Kim’s veritable living legend status, only the most epic of hairdos should adorn your head each day.