The reality star is taking the '90s revival trend extremely literally

Kim Kardashian arrives at Chin Chins restaurant in Studio City
Credit: Pap Nation / Splash News

Fashion is currently in the midst of a major ’90s style revival, from the flatform shoes, to the floor-grazing dusters paired with increasingly tiny crop tops, and the ubiquitous choker. Although for many of us who actually lived through that decade, this trend can bring back some difficult memories of butterfly clips and body glitter gone awry, nonetheless the fad shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And while the rest of the world may be trying to keep up with her, Kim Kardashian is nothing if not one to keep up with the Joneses. So naturally, her latest ensemble found an all new way to channel the themes of that style era, with a very literal homage to the 1999 blockbuster hit The Matrix.

Despite what her detractors may say, over the years, Kim has championed a number of seemingly improbable style combinations to surprising success. It’s not just any woman who can not only bring corsetry back from the 1800s and make it the accessory staple du jour, but also revive the ’80s bike short as a legitimate option to cover your lower half, and even make those sweaty thigh-high plastic boots the look of the summer. So if anyone can make a Matrix-inspired fashion renaissance the new aesthetic of the season, it’s undoubtedly this particular reality star.


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To grab some lunch at Chin Chin in Los Angeles with her BFF and resident Foodgōd Jonathan Cheban, the mobile mogul went for a minimal look, wearing a black skintight, wide boatneck bodysuit with long sleeves and a slight scoop neck paired with a form-fitting leather mini skirt, nude sandals tenuously held to her feet by just a handful of strings wrapped around her ankles and toes, and a pair of thin, rimless, oval sunglasses. All she’s missing is a red and blue pill and Kim would have crafted an outfit Neo could be proud of.

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