Mario Dedivanovic spills his predictions -- and explains how to pull them off
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When Kim Kardashian strayed away from her over-the-top contour for a more subtle, barely there makeup look at Paris Fashion week last season, she nearly broke the internet for a second time. Then, seeing the always-contoured star without a stitch of makeup was nearly as surprising as the time she went platinum or posted her topless selfie. But fast forward to nearly six months later and she’s still keeping things au naturale — and the guy responsible for the switch, her makeup artist BFF Mario Dedivanovic, says everyone will be trying the trend by spring.

“The whole clean vibe I’ve been doing with Kim, I’ve already started seeing it on social media,” Dedivanovic told PeopleStyle at a launch event for Colgate’s new Radiant Toothpaste by Optic White, which he’s a spokesperson for. “I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and influencers doing more clean looks now, like just skin. So I think its having an effect.”

But why would the king of contour trade in his signature style for a minimalistic approach? The makeup world needs a change, he says.

“I love a natural clean look, there’s something so fresh about it, and also to do it, it’s refreshing, it’s not as much work,” he explains. “I think it feels right right now. We’ve seen so much and we’ve been so bombarded with this heavy, crazy look like what Kim and I did years ago. It was dramatic, but it was nothing compared to what we’re seeing now. People took it and took it to another stratosphere. We’ve been seeing so much of that it’s just like ‘ugh, we cannot anymore.'”

So makeup junkies, Dedivanovic has a request: “Please, let’s see something fresh. I want to see a pore. It just feels right. It’s taking a while, but I think it’ll happen.”

To create Kim’s look, Dedivanovic previously told us, “I applied the Tatcha Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream to give her skin a nice glow, Glossier’s ‘’ lip balm, and we curled the lashes with a Surratt Beauty eyelash curler.

And in order to pull it off perfectly, he’s now sharing his three cardinal rules: One, don’t use too much powder, which will mattify the skin. Two, swap out your setting spray for a dewy, silicone-based spray, in order to make your skin glow. And last but not least, use concealer, which he says “always gives that perfect clean look to the skin.”

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The pro also shares that a light layer of foundation is always a good idea if your skin needs it, and that a clean face is best when paired with a nude lip, which Dedivanovic hopes will be creamier — and not matte — come spring.

“I love a nude lip,” he says. “To me, it’s the sexiest kind of lip. It’s usually a really natural lip liner and a mixture of 3 or 4 lipsticks that I always mix on my hand. I’m into a creamy lipstick — I hope creamy lipstick will come back. The liquid lipstick thing is killing me. I want to bring back the tube.”

But that’s not all we’ll be seeing when the temps rise. Dedivanovic predicts that sheer washes of reddish pink eye shadow, similar to the look he created on Naomie Harris at the Oscars, will be major.

Frazer Harrison/Getty
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty

To choose the perfect shade, he says, “whatever it is, it has to be sheer. Don’t let it be crazy pigmented. As long as it’s sheer and you put a little bit on and you build, that’s when it looks really chic.”

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