These sisters are already working tirelessly to define the next big trend of 2017
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

As crazy and over-the-top as some of the Kardashian-Jenner family‘s ensembles can be, it’s clear that regardless this group of women have become pop culture trendsetters in their own right. While not everything they wear becomes an instant classic (we’re looking at you Kim’s spandex bike short obsession), they pretty much single-handedly defined the fashion cycle of 2016. Kendall championed the revival of chokers, while Kim pioneered lampshading into everyday vernacular, and Khloé amassed a vast collection of furry slides. And now these ladies have their eyes set on the new year and all of the fresh trends it holds, with Kim and Kylie trying out pierced nails and shirts that are more bra than top.

The teen cosmetics guru went out in Los Angeles on Thursday night with her boyfriend Tyga, posting a picture from the evening on her Instagram account. In the shot, Kylie is in the midst of dramatically rolling her eyes, prompting her to caption it, “walk up in this b**** like ..! That Eye Roll tho 👀” But what’s truly notable about this image is the reality star’s outfit, or rather, lack thereof.

While we’ve seen just about every iteration of crop top humanly possible from Taylor Swift’s matching sets to Bella Hadid’s sheer and barely-there variety, Kylie has just upped the ante by wearing a white long-sleeve shirt that leaves the entire bottom of her white lace bra fully exposed. At the rate we’re going, it seems it’s only a matter of time before we all consider a shirt to be constituted of just sleeves.

Kim also took a new look out for a test drive on Thursday. Though the Kimoji CEO has gotten her new aesthetic down to a foolproof formula consisting of henley tops, giant sweat pants, a few fur coats, and lace-up camel colored booties, she proved she is still willing to take some serious risks with her beauty looks.

She posted a video to her Snapchat showing off her new manicure consisting of extra long acrylic nails painted a light shade of metallic lavender and pierced with numerous gold hoops, saying “Khloé would be so proud of me right now.” While it’s a perfect complement to her other favorite new accessory, the faux lip ring, this is not nail art for the faint of art. But hey, no one said being this fashion-forward was going to be easy.

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