The beauty mogul practices a whole new kind of makeup application in a scene from Keeping Up with the Kardashians

By Lindy Segal
August 17, 2018 05:55 PM
kim kardashian mortician makeup

Kim Kardashian West has proven her makeup skills time and time again — but she’s always showed off her chops on herself, a live human. But in a clip from this Sunday’s upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the KKW Beauty founder is apparently dabbling with the idea of becoming a mortician — and thus, she needs to practice doing makeup on dead people. And she recruited none other than mom Kris Jenner to be her stand-in for the occasion.

Kardashian West catches Jenner as she’s getting out of the shower, so she’s a blank canvas. “Obviously my mom’s not like, a substitute for a dead body,” Kardashian West admits. “But I’m just so used to doing makeup on myself I just need somebody to test it out on.”

“I’m not dead! I know I look pretty bad, but I just got out of the shower,” Jenner argues, after the beauty mogul shares her plan.

But like any good momager, she gives in. When Jenner lies down, Kardashian West asks what her favorite look is these days – before clarifying: “What would you want to go out in? Not like, out-out, to the store, but to the grave.”

“Perfect skin, nude lip. I learned that from you,” Jenner gamely answers.

Next, the mom asks a natural question given the circumstances. “Are you practicing to do mine, when I pass away?”

“No, just in general,” Kardashian West replies.

Eventually, Jenner starts “playing the game,” lying silent and still, until — of course — she scares her daughter, which cracks both of them up.

Although Kardashian West is a newbie to the mortician world, it’s not the first time she’s thought about vanity at — or near — death. The star revealed on the show she has a clause in her will that she’ll always have her hair done if she “cannot talk to myself or like, communicate.”

And being the daughter that she is, she told her mother she would do the same for her if Jenner is ever bedridden. “I will make sure that your hair is always done if you don’t know your name. You’ll have great hair.”