Kim Kardashian's Latest Makeup Launch Speech Brings Mom Kris Jenner to Tears

Kardashian West and Kris Jenner shed a tear while celebrating Kim's collaboration with her longtime makeup pro

Kim Kardashian West‘s relationship with her makeup artist of 10 years, Mario Dedivanovic, is so strong that it brought her to tears over the weekend.

Last week, the entrepreneur and Dedivanovic unveiled their upcoming KKW Beauty makeup collaboration, which launches on April 5th, which happens to be the 10-year anniversary of the day they met. The collection contains two lip glosses, a lipstick and an eye shadow palette, all based on the most iconic looks that the pro has created on Kardashian West. But for the pair, it’s about a lot more than just makeup — because the two were in tears while discussing the launch at a celebration dinner Friday night.

“I really am grateful that you guys came to see me and Mario. I feel like this has been 10 years in the making,” Kardashian West told her guests during a speech, which Dedivanovic shared on Instagram. “Everything I’ve learned about makeup has come from Mario.”

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Mario Dedivanovic/Instagram

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For the star, her relationship with Dedivanovic over the past 10 years didn’t stop at simply getting her makeup done. Instead, the two used their downtime during days off while filming Kim and Kourtney Take Miami to train her in makeup application, which she called a “fun game.”

KKWxMario Dinner at Jean Georges in the Waldorf Beverly Hills - Arrivals

“I would say, ‘OK I’m gonna wipe off half my face, and I want you to see and watch me do it and make sure I could, like, make it perfect just like yours,'” she shares. “And I would have him just teach me lesson after lesson of how to do makeup.”

Mario Dedivanovic/Instagram

But that was all she could share, as reflecting on her love for the pro began to bring her — and her mom Kris — to tears.

“So I’m so grateful for you Mario, I’m not gonna cry so I don’t want to talk, but literally you’ve taught me everything,” she said, while Jenner is seen wiping her eyes in the video.

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