Contouring experts and virgins tried KKW's kits - see how it went

On June 21 at 11:59AM EST, we were frantically preparing to complete the same task as hundreds of thousands of beauty junkies across the country: purchase Kim Kardashian West’s contouring kits from her new KKW Beauty line. And, like many of those hundreds of thousands, we refreshed our browsers at 12 P.M. sharp — and succeeded.

But as the relatively nondescript boxes arrived and we marveled over the simple, chic packaging inside, one question remained: Will a few swipes of these products give our skin into the flawless, chiseled appearance the one and only Kim K flaunts? We couldn’t wait to find out.

So we turned to seven women — some contouring virgins, some experts, all with different skin tones — to give the products a spin. The verdict? No, her products won’t turn you into a KarJenner overnight. But what they will do is create a glowy, contoured appearance in the same realm as the star’s — if you can get the hang of it, that is. Watch the video above to see how it all went down.

Have you tried Kim Kardashian’s contour kits? Do you think they’re easy to use? Tell us what you think in the comments section, below.