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June 14, 2017 11:00 AM
Kim Kardashian is a name practically synonymous with selfies. Though Paris Hilton claims she’s actually the one to invent the entire self-photographing epidemic, it’s Kim who took the medium to all new heights. Not only did she make posting these types of self-portraits totally commonplace, she also made a compelling case that these images are in fact works of art, creating an entire glossy coffee table book exclusively featuring her own visage. But as the reality star confessed at the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York City on Tuesday, just because you’re a master of the front-facing camera doesn’t mean your husband has any photography skills whatsoever.
When asked at the Forbes summit how she decides what to post on social media, Kim explained, “It’s such a struggle. It really is. If people think you just post and it’s so easy, it’s not. I like my Instagram to look a certain way.” Something that anyone who’s seen her recent vintage inspired aesthetic can certainly attest to.
“There’s so much pressure to post, too,” she continued, “If I go to Japan and I just want to have a media-free vacation, and have a great birthday trip…It’s the upkeep. Kanye and I woke up at 3 a.m. and we couldn’t get back to sleep and I said, ‘Let’s go into Tokyo where there are all these bright lights, let’s go take all these pictures and we’ll post them on social media and it will look so cool.'”
But as it turns out, just because your wife breaks the internet on a regular basis doesn’t mean you necessarily have what it takes to be an Instagram husband. Kim added, “We tried to do it, and it was such a mess. He just was not the best photographer. I was like, ‘You ruined what my social media was going to look like.’ So we scrapped that shoot, but we got the good experience.”

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But Kanye’s lack of understanding when it comes to the finer points of optimal #OOTD angles and lighting isn’t the only thing keeping Kim up at night. She also confessed that she’s obsessive when it comes to her video game.

“At first I wasn’t really into it,” she told her interviewer, “My husband said, ‘Oh, this is so cool you have to have a video game,’ and then I got into it. Once I realized what the character was going to look like, it didn’t really look like me. We sent it to a graphic artist and he redrew it for me, and once I got into the creative process I was hooked. I’ll call them literally in the middle of the night and say ‘the strap of the shoe is wrong on this character, you have to change her shoes I would never wear those shoes,’ and they’ll fix it.”

Good to know Kim is just as much of a perfectionist about her digital alter ego’s outfits as she is about her own. Now she’ll just have to get Kanye some photography courses so he can properly document them all.

Would you trust your S.O. to help you take pictures for Instagram or do they turn out as bad as Kanye’s? Sound off below!

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