The reality star's new look strictly revolves around sweatshirts and ripped up denim

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated January 10, 2017 02:54 PM

Kim Kardashian West may have only just recently returned to the spotlight after her post-robbery hiatus, but she’s already made it abundantly clear that this is no longer the pre-Paris Fashion Week Kim K the world once knew and loved. This is Kim 2.0, a woman who seems to have fully abandoned the skintight, sheer fashions, ever-evolving hairstyles, and contoured full-coverage makeup that have become her signatures. In their place, a new era has emerged for the reality star replete with baggy sweats and tees, ripped up denim, waist-length Cher hair, and “no makeup, makeup” beauty mantra. A look she once again sported this week while on a date night with her husband, Kanye West.

During her latest outing on Monday night, documented from every possible angle by X17, the Kimoji multi-millionaire grabbed dinner with her rapper S.O. in Beverly Hills at a local sushi restaurant. Kim kept her ensemble predictably low-key and covered up (well, for her at least), pairing a giant black sweatshirt with cuffed black denim that has the entire front panel ripped out, layering them over a pair of patterned lace and fishnet tights and finishing it off with a pair of strappy black heels and the faux lip ring she was first spotted wearing at her family’s holiday party.

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Perhaps, much like when he gutted her closet of every questionable Speedy Bag and Louboutin, it is once again Kanye who has helped Kim develop and refine her new street style aesthetic, as he has been wearing very similar looks for the past few years. Even on this dinner date, the pair were almost twinning in their sweat apparel, with the musician opting for a full gray sweatsuit, single gold chain, white dad socks and his own white Yeezy sneakers, naturally.

In any case, clearly, while the rest of us were busy making our plebeian resolutions to lose weight, drink water, and generally be better human beings in 2017, Kim was busy crafting a few fresh fashion rules of her own. As the saying really ought to go: New Year, new Kim.

What do you think of Kim’s new style M.O.? Are you a fan of her new low key look, or do you prefer how she dressed before? Sound off below!