January 10, 2018 08:38 AM

There’s nothing new about Kim Kardashian West sporting a body-baring ensemble — the reality star has never been shy about flaunting her curves (please see Exhibit A). But her latest Instagram post is still a must-see.

In an Instagram advertisement for a diet shake program, Kardashian West stripped down to her underwear while sipping on the beverage — all while barefoot, and in what appeared to be a utility kitchen.

The 37-year-old mother of two (almost three, as she’ll be adding a new addition via surrogate soon) credits her toned tummy to the new diet plan after a holiday season full of indulging.

Kim Kardashian Instagram

“I felt like it was impossible to fit in my regular work outs and eat healthy. But this program is giving me a kick in the right direction that I need,” she captioned the image. “These meal replacement shakes are so good and it’s helping me get my tummy back to flat in the new year. The results I’m seeing and feeling are amazing and I’m so excited for the next few weeks.”

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While Kardashian West’s barely-there outfits are a mainstay, the beauty mogul is constantly changing up her hair. And although she revealed that husband Kanye West prefers her as a blonde, she may be contemplating an entire different look.

After a fan edited a picture to determine what Kardashian West would look like as a redhead, the reality star responded, “OMG should I try a color?”

In the past, she has revealed West has helped her make her style distinct.

“I always ask his opinion on everything and he always helps me put together my looks,” she said.

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