Kim Kardashian Defends — and Teases — Kylie Jenner Over Her '10-Second Face Wash Tutorial'

Kylie Jenner was criticized by fans after sharing a tutorial on how to cleanse using her Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash, which only lasted for several seconds

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Kim Kardashian West took a playful approach to the backlash sister Kylie Jenner received earlier this week after sharing a video of herself washing her face for only 10 seconds to promote her new Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash.

In a series of light-hearted videos posted on the Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram Stories on Friday, Kardashian West, 38, addressed the recent drama while visiting the Kylie Skin showroom with her 21-year-old sibling — and shared that had she been in her sister’s shoes, she would have also posted an equally short clip.

“I’m gonna teach you guys how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face, and bitches, I only have 10 seconds. What else do you want me to do in 10 seconds?” she shared. “I would have done the same exact thing.”

“Should I pick every single product, because we know it’s sold out so, guys, what is the big deal here with a 10-second video? That’s all she got,” she added.

Kardashian West also proceeded to gently tease her sister about just how effective washing your face for only 10 seconds can be.

Using Snapchat’s new baby filter, which makes the reality star appear exactly like daughter Chicago, Kardashian West joked that she had been completely transformed!

“Alright, after that 10-second face wash tutorial this is now what I look like. I have such a youthful complexion now!” she said, before accidentally beginning to refer to Jenner’s company as her own brand, KKW Beauty.

“Kylie Skin is the fountain of youth people! All you need is three seconds — I didn’t even need a whole 10 seconds,” she added. “I now look like a baby! I love this Kylie Skin.”

“You’re an a—,” Jenner playfully interjected off-camera.

Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Taking things one step further, Kardashian West went on to make light of another criticism fans had about Jenner’s face wash tutorial, which revolved around the amount of foundation that transferred onto the towel after the makeup mogul had finished cleansing.

“You know what actually, you know what the main point she left out was? She left out that you use these wipes first. Before you get the foundation off,” Kardashian West remarked, holding up the Kylie Skin Makeup Removing Wipes, which are still available to purchase online.

Clearly having enough of the silly behavior, Jenner emerged on camera, pulling her phone away from her sibling.

“Give me my phone, You’re so mean to me,” she said.

RELATED VIDEO: Kylie Jenner Is Getting Slammed by Fans Over Kylie Skin Face Scrub Before It Even Launches

This isn’t the first time Jenner has gotten backlash over her Kylie Skin line. Before the star’s collection even launched, fans called her out for using crushed walnut as a physical exfoliant in her Walnut Face Scrub, which many fans claim is too abrasive on the skin and can cause more harm than good.

According to N.Y.C. dermatologist and The Beauty of Dirty Skin author, Dr. Whitney Bowe, walnut face scrubs won’t irritate skin in theory if they’re “ground into a fine powder and tested on skin in a clinical trial,” but in general, she does not recommend physical exfoliators to her patients.

Instead, she recommends chemical exfoliation, which uses ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acid (BHAs) to dissolve away the dead layer of skin. “It’s more gentle and controlled exfoliation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Physical scrubs are more prone to error, like people pushing too hard which causes them to overdo it.”

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