Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Extreme Contour and Love of Spandex Shorts

The reality star shared a picture of her face pre-blending on her Instagram stories

As the woman who single-handedly brought the face-sculpting art form also known as contouring to the masses, it should go without saying that Kim Kardashian West is something of a pro. While of course she has the help of her trusty makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to make certain her full face of glam is expertly shaded and buffed to perfection, the reality star is not too shabby herself. After all, Kim’s not only had a ton of practice on her own face, she’s also attempting to add a whole new facet to her already robust business portfolio with a beauty line based on this single cheekbone-defining product. So naturally, she took to the ‘gram to show of a few of the skills she’s acquired.

Kim Kardashian/SnapChat

On Monday, after plugging her new Allure interview and the latest drop of her kids clothing collection, the KKW Beauty founder shared a Boomerang of herself on her Instagram stories with all of her contouring lines still clearly drawn on, the step right before she blends them in. She captioned the shot, “Let the transformation begin,” alluding to how dramatically all of that shading and highlighting was about to alter her face and chisel out her features.

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<a href="" data-inlink="true">Kim Kardashian</a> goes Camouflage in Hollywood

After some thorough work with a Beautyblender or whatever the KKW Beauty iteration of that tool might be, Kim stepped out in a twist on her usual sartorial uniform. While post giving birth to Saint the mobile mogul was living in a veritable Groundhog’s Day of black spandex, braids, and furs, she’s gone for a slightly lighter variation of the look for fall. Namely, an oversize taupe camo-printed sweatshirt that she paired with flesh-tone bike shorts, and her beloved lace-up Yeezy boots. Just like everything else in her life, it seems Kim is also completely unafraid of shouting her love of shapewear from the rooftops.

What do you think of Kim’s latest look? Would you wear it? What beauty product would you like to see her come out with next? Sound off below!

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