June 22, 2016 12:57 PM

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

We already know that Kim Kardashian is a jack of all trades, mastering any job she sets her mind to from turning selfies into a full time profession and then an art form, to running a multi-million dollar video game empire and nationwide chain of mid-range boutiques. But now the reality star is letting her inner renaissance woman shine through in her apparel as well, donning what else but a corset in honor of what might as well be her own personal holiday, National Selfie Day.

When it comes to waist-cinching devises, Kim is an old pro at this point. After years of whittling her middle with the help of that medieval torture apparatus fashioned out of industrial spandex more commonly referred to as a waist trainer, her latest piece of apparel probably barely even registers on her radar of discomfort. First of all, it appears to be made out of some kind of cotton knit, which compared to the usual lace-up compression latex she finds herself in is a delightfully breathable and malleable fabric. She’s also paired her white ribbed corset with a white sports bra and an extremely high-waisted pair of briefs i.e. your go-to summer uniform.

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While this picture is ostensibly to celebrate a day that honestly we should just give up and name after the reality star already, we know what Kim is really trying to do with this selfie. You see, it used to be if you were a celeb and wanted to get in to one of the biggest Broadway shows in town, all you had to do was drop your name at the door and stroll right in. But with a totally sold out house every night, Hamilton has changed all that, making tickets totally impossible, even for the most rich and famous amongst us. So since Kim and Kanye still haven’t gone, could this selfie be her subtle bid for a pair of front row tickets? We hear they’re also looking to cast a new actor in the role of Aaron Burr and we think we may have just found the perfect leading lady.

What do you think of Kim’s corset? Would you ever wear one? What about if it would get you a ticket to Hamilton?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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