Kim Kardashian Says She Battles Body Insecurities 'All the Time'

The SKIMS Solutionwear creator opens up about building her body confidence

When Kim Kardashian West walks a red carpet she owns it. But even though she projects confidence, the mogul admits she still struggles with body insecurities at certain times.

During a recent interview with PEOPLE to discuss her newly launched shapewear, SKIMS Solutionwear, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 38, opened up about boosting herself up in moments of self doubt, which she says she experiences “all the time.”

“I do have cellulite. I am photographed all the time. For me, I always use it as motivation even when people are really unjustly critical,” Kardashian West says. “I just use it as motivation. I want to just work harder to figure out why I am feeling that way.”

Kim Kardashian
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Kardashian West says that when she sees photos of herself she doesn’t love, she uses it as motivation.

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“A few years ago I was photographed and I had cellulite on my thighs [wearing a bikini] in Mexico. And I was like, ‘Okay. I do not like how I look. I am going to get to the gym,'” Kardashian West says.

But ultimately, the star tries “to be easy” on herself. “You’re never going to be perfect,” she says. “I think life is about being happy and being confident.”

The star’s new shapewear, SKIMS Solutionwear, has helped with building her confidence, too.

Kim Kardashian
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“I use shapewear as a solution to my styling needs. I always wanted something that would smooth, and sometimes not necessarily change my shape,” Kardashian West tells PEOPLE.

SKIMS has been a passion project, the star says, and comes from her experiences wearing every other shapewear brand on the market for over a decade.

“I would create my own shapewear all the time to be my solutions for things. I feel like I’ve been designing shapewear for 15 years,” Kardashian West says. “I’m so proud of the line. I’m so proud of the fabric. I made things that haven’t really been made before,” she adds, pointing out the one-leg bike short she designed.


SKIMS consists of bikini briefs, thongs, bras, waist trainers, bodysuits, thermal leggings and more, retailing from $18 to $98. The pieces range in sizes from XXS to 5XL, are available in three tensions depending on the support you want and in nine different tonal colors.

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