The reality star's hairstylist spoke about shooting the video and her makeup artist hints at what's in store for her beauty look in 2017

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 16, 2016 04:04 PM
Credit: Courtesy Whalerock Industries

It’s officially been two months since the world was last graced with a brand new fire selfie from the undisputed queen of the social medium, Kim Kardashian. Though we’ve caught glimpses of her here and there grabbing frozen yogurt or doing some light twerking to promote her Kimoji merch line, it wasn’t until Love magazine released their day 12 advent video that we got our first post-robbery look at the star (even though it was likely filmed over the summer). And now she’s giving her fans even more of what they’re begging for, sharing some behind-the-scenes snaps from the shoot on her website and app.

Her hairstylist César Ramirêz wrote on the reality star’s site and app about the entire experience of shooting the one-minute short film, saying, “The Love Advent shoot a few months ago was DOPE! It was one of those shoots where we got the chance to try something new. Kim and I had been wanting to try super long hair for a while and we finally got the chance. I made her some clip-ins using Indique Pure Wavy hair in 32″ and Ariel did some beautiful makeup that really played up her eyes.”

Credit: Courtesy Whalerock Industries

He continued, “The set was a green screen, so we had to be creative and imagine the scenery that would be edited in later. We were shooting in an indoor studio, so I had to work the fans to create the illusion of wind blowing her hair as if she were really walking through the Northern Lights. Kim was perfectly seductive in her movements, which helped make everything come together. I loved everything about this look for her. I think she really shows us a simple but sexy mysterious side here.”

And this isn’t the only new dispatch from Kim’s glam camp. Her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic spoke at a special preview of his Master Class in N.Y.C. on Friday, which will supposedly feature his reality star muse as a model when he takes it to Dubai on January 13, touching on that makeup trend he and Kim helped make so famous. “Contouring is one of those things — its always been around, it was just a very highly guarded secret in the makeup artistry world, until people like me came around and blasted it everywhere, and people like Kim,” he said.

Credit: Courtesy Whalerock Industries

“But it’ll always be around. people who love it and know how to do it, its kind of life changing. You do it at different levels. There’s ways of doing it extremely natural, and there’s ways of doing it heavier,” he continued. “As far as fashion and things like that, it’s not going to be a trend in fashion, but it’s something that’s always going to be around. But I look forward to seeing newer trends, and I myself am trying to bring back a cleaner look with Kim. It’s just too much now, it’s time for something new.” Something new we’ll undoubtedly have to wait until 2017 to see.

What do you think of these behind-the-scenes shot of Kim? Are you counting down the days until her return to the public eye or do you think she should wait a little longer? Sound off below!

–with reporting by Jillian Ruffo