The sisters confirmed their love of a high neckline and an equally high slit

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated June 02, 2016 02:00 PM

Whether they’re just starting to dabble in contouring, or they’re 18 and running their own multi-million dollar beauty conglomerate, most little sisters want to emulate their big sisters, and they’re not afraid to beg, borrow, and steal from her closet in order to make it happen. So it’s not at all surprising that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were practically fashion twins on Wednesday. Actually, what’s way more surprising than that is how demure both their outfits actually are.


Kim went to a movie theater in Encino, California on Wednesday to surprise 60 of her most loyal fans who where there attending a Kim Kardashian West Movie Night (which we had no idea was a real thing, but are now extremely anxious to check out). The reality star was clearly reliving her “blingy, sexy robotMet Gala moment in a shimmering silver Audra sheath with a high neck and low hemline, a look that was markedly covered up for the woman who can typically be found in a head-to-toe sheer look. (We really only had her thigh-high slit and Yeezy Season 2 sandals to let us know it’s really the Kimoji Kween under there).

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Though Kylie’s dress wasn’t identical, it did have a ton in common with Kim’s (starting with the fact that she typically bares quite a bit more). She chose a skintight bodycon black dress with a matching thigh-high slit that very well could have come out of her older sister’s walk-in wardrobe. The teen finished off the look with a sweatshirt slumped off her shoulders, very ’90s white sunglasses and a black beanie (despite temperatures in the high 80s).

It’s good to see that even when they’re not baring all with their daily ensembles, both ladies have found their own means of keeping their looks just as on-brand as ever.

What do you think of Kim and Kylie’s look? Would you wear this style?

–Emily Kirkpatrick