What does the world's most publicly engaged couple wear for their first trip outside?

By Alex Apatoff
October 23, 2013 07:16 PM

Fame; Hayk/Splash News Online

It’s an age-old problem: The question’s been popped, the 15-carat diamond is safely slipped on its finger, the champagne’s been drunk and the stadium rental time has expired. Now all that’s left is your big first appearance in public. What on earth are you going to wear? (Please note: This may not apply to your average engagement.)

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Kim Kardashian and her new fiancé Kanye West faced just such a challenge Tuesday as they left their San Francisco hotel to throngs of well-wishers with cameras (also known as paparazzi). Kardashian chose an outfit befitting someone with a multimillion dollar engagement ring weighing down her left hand: A fitted pencil skirt and lacy top, finished off with an enormous fur coat and sexy gold sandals. (Side note: If it’s cold enough for your fanciest fur, is it too cold for barely-there heels? We digress.)

West, on the other hand, went for a more casual approach. His cotton tunic, gray jeans and Chukkas say “Yes, I may have hired an orchestra to play in an empty stadium, but I’m just a regular guy!” — a point he drives home with his friendly peace sign.

What do you think: Did Kardashian and West rise to the post-proposal challenge appropriately? Would you have preferred to see them in something more like this, perhaps?

–Alex Apatoff