The actress will play Christian Grey's former lover and business partner in the new film

By Emily Kirkpatrick
February 03, 2017 08:49 AM
Credit: Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

It’s hard to believe, but Kim Basinger has an impressive and enduring acting career that now spans almost five decades. From her star-making role in 9 1/2 weeks to her iconic turn in millennial pop culture classic 8 Mile, the actress’s careful choice of roles has allowed her to now become even more selective when it comes to what parts she’ll play, which also means we see a whole lot less of her on the red carpet. But now, thanks to her latest performance in Fifty Shades Darker, all of that is about to change, starting with the red carpet at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday.

In the second installment of the racy blockbuster film series, Basinger plays the business partner and former lover of the sadistic protagonist Christian Grey. A part befitting an actress that continues to be one of the most gorgeous celebrities of any age in Hollywood. And to celebrate her latest headline-making movie role, the L.A. Confidential star made a rare red carpet appearance at the film’s premiere.

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In recent years, when she does attend a debut, the actress has favored sharply tailor pantsuits over flowing gowns, such as the navy pinstripe suit complete with tie, contrast collar button-down, and pocket watch she wore to the premiere of The Grudge or the feminine twist on a tuxedo she paired with black and white brogues on The Nice Guys red carpet. But for this Fifty Shades debut, Basinger went with a classic black silk gown with a gathered, asymmetrical neckline, a fluted skirt, and subtle floral embroidery all over, proving that Anastasia Steele might want to watch her back and her man.

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