Khloé Kardashian Won't Thread Her Eyebrows for Fear of Contracting Herpes

The reality star also discuss how she removes the rest of the hair from her body


Khloé Kardashian has never been shy about a little oversharing in the name of connecting with her millions of fans. In the past, not only has the Good American designer shared the intimate details of her relationship with Tristan Thompson, including the fact that she’d love to have his babies, but like in a chill no-pressure kind of way, but she’s also named and celebrated her own camel toe (Camille, if you’re wondering), and created a comprehensive shopping list of all of her must-have vagina products. So it should come as no surprise that she was also extremely forthcoming about her various grooming rituals, sharing how she removes hair from every square inch of her body, and the reason why she will absolutely never be caught dead threading her eyebrows.

As the reality star wrote on her website and app in a new post on Wednesday, “With swim season around the corner, it’s time to get our hairy situations under control,” adding, ‘The s*** women have to deal with, LOL!” Although it should be pointed out that according to Khloé herself it seems at this point in her life she doesn’t really have all that much body hair left to maintain. Her bikini line has been fully lasered off so that there’s “no nasty ingrown hairs,” as have her underarms, and now she’s begun the same process on her legs, writing, “It’s so much easier than having to shave every single day. I go to my girl at a place called Sev Laser. Kylie goes here too and we loooove it!!! My girl Sev is dope and is my Armenian sister from another mister.” But when it comes to the one area on her body she allows hair to grow freely–her brows–the Revenge Body host made it clear you’ll absolutely never catch her anywhere near the threading salon.

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She explains, “I always darken my brows because they are naturally light, but to shape them, I wax and never, ever thread. I heard the grossest story about threading! Someone had herpes on their mouth and then the client got it on their brows! I don’t thread because someone’s saliva might be going on my face!” For those currently racing to their phones to call up their dermatologist and verify this fresh new horror, we have some bad news—this worst case scenario is absolutely a possibility. According to an article on Time in which they interview dermatologist Amy Derick, while threading, “is gentler on the skin than waxing, it does carry health risks, including the potential spread of the herpes virus and staph infections through dirty threads and broken skin.” So while it’s not necessarily something a Kardashian needs to worry about contracting at the various high end hair removal locals she regularly patronizes, she has provided the rest of us with an all new fear to keep us up at night.

Do you get your eyebrows threaded? Did you know you could contract herpes? Did Khloé make you want to convert to waxing forever? Sound off below!

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