The pair made things Instagram official with a lot of bling

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated October 26, 2016 10:48 AM
Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

In the world of the KarJenners, it seems there’s no such thing as an official relationship announcement. While most celebs confirm they’re dating via a red carpet appearance or a very romantic public statement via their respective PRs, more often than not the Kardashians’ dating announcements come in the form of a vaguely cryptic social media post months after the rest of the world has already decided the pair are an item. And it seems that day has finally come for Khloé Kardashian who showed off a very large stack of diamonds on Instagram in support of her new Cleveland Cavaliers boyfriend Tristan Thompson who was rocking some pretty major bling himself.

While Khloé and Tristan still haven’t made their romance totally official, who needs grand proclamations when you can do it with diamonds instead. It appears the reality star may have finally met her match, at least carat-wise, as the Good American wore three impressively large square-cut diamond pavé rings with a red and yellow flecked Cavalier-branded band thrown into the mix, just for good measure.

But Tristan wasn’t doing too shabby in the solitaire department himself, wearing his 2016 Cavaliers championship ring that was bestowed upon him Tuesday night, and is completely covered in diamonds. According to ESPN, Thompson’s ring contains a suggested 6.5 carats spread across over 400 diamonds, plus a single 1 carat diamond which serves as the basketball in the jewelry’s design.

While we always thought the trick to a happy relationship was borrowing extensively from each others closets, as Khloé and Tristan have just demonstrated, perhaps the real secret to a lasting partnership is coordinating his-and-her sports-themed bling. A diamond is forever, after all.

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